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One Advertiser per Industry

Tired of being lost in the crowd? Exclusive advertiser agreements put you (and only you) directly in front of the customers. For example, we accept ads from only 1 Realtor, 1 Lender, 1 Home Inspector, etc at any given time. The promotion of this new policy has just begun and spots are currently open. Reserve your ad placement before your competitors do.


Reach active Imperial County Home Buyers

With extremely high Google rankings on strategic search phrases, combined with exclusive advertiser agreements, we can put you directly in front of the customers while excluding your competitors.


• Exclusive Ad Placements
• High Ranking, High Traffic site (see below)
• Great Rates with NO Formal Contracts!
• Ad Graphic Design Included!
• Revise Your Ad anytime!
• Over 25 Years of Proven Results in Imperial County!
• Available 7 Days a Week!


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Top Google rankings on strategic search phrases.

Phrase > Google Ranking

Imperial Valley Realtor > 3
Imperial Valley Real Estate > 3
Mobile homes for sale in Imperial County > 3
Commercial Real Estate El Centro CA > 2
Many more

Google Rankings as of 1/15/2020
(request an update and/or list of additional rankings any time)


Call Today, Sell Tomorrow
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