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Tips for buying a home in the Imperial Valley?

Tips for buying a home in the Imperial Valley?


Are there any region-specific tips, issues, or concerns I should be aware of when buying a home in the Imperial Valley?

I would love to hear from realtors with a few years of experience in this area.

Thank you.

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    2 Responses to “Tips for buying a home in the Imperial Valley?”

    1. Frederic Din says:

      Real estate is local, local, local, even down to the various cities and towns throughout the Imperial Valley.

      One common concern from prospective home buyers is the issue of Mellos-Roos or Community Facility District Taxes (CFDs). Home buyers should not rule out homes or areas they like simply because the home may have a CFD tax, however buyers should be aware of them and factor their monthly expense as part of their overall housing budget.

      Home buyers should know that most newer home subdivisions throughout the Imperial Valley have some type of CFD tax whether it be a lighting district tax at $400/year to other areas which have a much larger tax at $150/mo or more.

      One of the most important aspects any home buyer should review before looking at home is to determine their monthly home buying budget by speaking to a qualified loan officer. The next item of importance is to narrow down the area you want to live in, once you know your budget. The other important item is to know that all homes are going to need something, either paint or flooring and will have minor cracks in the walls, missing fixtures or appliances. You shouldn’t let these items hold you back from buying a home in the area you want but be aware of the items so you can budget for them.

      If you’re a first time home buyer feel free to review the educational video to learn more.

      There are other items to consider when buying a home, such as tax benefits, resale marketability, potential rental opportunities, etc, however those items can be discussed in directly since they are very personal and different for each home buyer situation.

      Thank you,
      Frederic Din, REALTOR(r)
      Your Imperial Valley Housing Special

    2. Frederic Din says:

      Hi, its Frederic Din again, your Imperial Valley Housing Specialist with another home buyer tip.

      One of the questions I get asked frequently is “how can I get my offer accepted” or “do you have any tips I can use to make my offer stand out and get noticed”. Both questions and others like them are great questions and a source of home buyer frustration in today’s market.

      Home buyers are often confused with the terms “buyers market” or “sellers market” and both market types have do with the amount of inventory on the market. The national media and news may say its a buyers market however inventory is down and I’m seeing multiple offers on listings, the current market is definitely a sellers market.

      Yes, I said it, its a sellers market simply due to the amount of available inventory versus the amount of sales activity. Currently there is less than two (2) months of active listings versus the three months average of sales activity, which means a sellers market so here are some times to make sure your offer gets noticed. There are FIVE tips you can use to get your offer noticed and accepted. HINT: think Highest and Best Offer.

      Work with an aggressive, knowledgeable, and competent agent such as me, Frederic Din

      Tip 1 – Increase your sales price or offer price
      Tip 2 – Reduce closing costs or sales concessions
      Tip 3 – Reduce your close of escrow date, inspection periods, and/or contingencies
      Tip 4 – Increase your earnest money deposit to more than $1,000
      Tip 5 – Change your loan type and/or increase your down payment

      You can view the TIPS Video by going to and look for the Highest and Best offer question video for more information and other helpful tips as well as Neighborhood Video Tours.

      I hope you find this tip helpful and will post another tip in the next few weeks or check out my BLOG at

      Thank you,
      Frederic Din, REALTOR(r)
      Your Imperial Valley Housing Specialist

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